Our Story

Brandon Sanderson first opened Sterling Forest Products, Inc. for business in 2000. He used his knowledge of the industry to forge relationships, and with those came lumber sales. At Sterling, we continue the six-generation legacy of building materials sales and distribution. Brandon and Josh, a father-son duo, lead the charge providing a heartbeat of constant consistency for our customers.

Our Approach

At Sterling we have deep roots in serving Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. We have grown to serve the lower 48 states as well as select international markets. As the company has grown, so have our product offerings. Today, we offer a variety of products including:

  • Softwood Lumber
  • Treated Lumber
  • Hardwoods
  • Panels
  • Cedar and Redwood
  • Industrial Products
  • Specialized Construction Products

Our main focus is large volume building products distribution. Over the years we have developed creative and effective methods to meet our customer’s needs. Through customized plans for each customer and industry leading VMI programs, we are able to efficiently provide for each customer’s varying levels of consumption.

From Past to Present

Many generations have formed who we are today. We have perspective from a variety of holdings, and freely share that expertise to aid our customers as they grow and develop.

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J.L. Badley

Second Generation

001242Dcolor 1200 x 1500 smaller format

J.D. Badley

Third Generation

Grandad, Vignette, Warmth added, blue richened, light adjusted, etc.

Robert G. Sanderson

Fourth Generation


Brandon G. Sanderson

Fifth Generation

President & Trader


Joshua Sterling Sanderson

Sixth Generation

Vice President & Trader

Next Steps...

Our team makes sourcing building products joyful and effortless. Give us a call today!